Top Chinese Casinos

Top Chinese Casinos

If you are looking for the top Chinese casinos, then there is one place to look where you will be able to find all of them: Macau, the country’s only area where casino licenses are granted and where gambling is fully legal in all of the forms that you will find in the classic casino set up. There are plenty of great casinos in Macau, and all of them are glamorous and classy in order to bring a taste of Las Vegas with even more style added on top. They are very popular with high rollers from China, but visitors come from all around the world all year round to sample the delights of these huge entertainment complexes as part of what might for most players be a real once in a lifetime experience.

If you look at the ratings that previous customers have given to them, you will find some smaller venues alongside the big headline stealers in the list of the top Chinese casinos. For example, the Pousada Marina Infante is very highly rated, though it contains just thirty seven gaming machines (a mixture of both slot machines and video poker terminals) and twenty table games. The cosy atmosphere that the size of the casino creates is only matched by the quality of their service, making this a truly enjoyable place to visit. The Jai Alai Casino is similarly popular, but is much bigger: situated near to the Ferry Terminal and as such forming the first destination for many newly arriving visitors, here you will find more than four hundred gaming machines as well as sixty five table games. Other highly rated but less famous venues in the area include the Mandarin Oriental Casino, the MJC Casino and Grandview Hotel which can be found near to the Macau Jockey Club and racetrack, the New Century Casino, the Greek Mythology Casino, the Grand Waldo Hotel and Casino, Casino Babylon, Casino Golden Dragon, Fortuna Casino, Rio Casino & Hotel, the Crown Macau, and the Pharaoh’s Palace Casino. The highest rated casino in the area in general is the Mocha Marina Plaza Slot Lounge, which has a VIP room on the second floor for high rollers.

Of course, you can also find three big names which are widely considered to be amongst the best casino resort complexes in the world, and which therefore must surely also rank amongst the top Chinese casinos with ease. These are the Venetian Casino Resort, modelled after the same casino theme in Las Vegas but to a grander and even more luxurious scale; The Sands Macau, under the control of the same managing company and considered to be a very fine example of what they are able to do, open since 2004; and Wynn Casino Macau, which has been in place since 2006 and has a very striking design which will catch the eye as you approach this building, a marvel of modern architecture with plenty of huge glass panels involved.

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